Microsoft Launches Microsoft Teams a Slack’s Competitor

Microsoft officially takes up the slack.┬áTech giant Microsoft launched the Microsoft Teams, the new real-time collaboration software which mirros the many features of the slack, including the number, search and more “cultural” tricks how easy it is to share files in GIF format and memes.

Microsoft Teams

Image Courtesy: Microsoft

One of the main features of the Microsoft team is the integration with Office 365. Word, Sharepoint, OneNote, Power BI, Planner and all connect with Teams directly, allowing users to share open and pin the individual documents directly in Teams.

A function that Slack users will find familiar is T-Bot, Microsoft Teams “built-bot, which can make or respond directly to questions, especially about how to better use the app. Microsoft’s bots end there though -. there’s also WhoBot, who can answer questions about the people in the team If you are not sure which one you might ask, “who is Ben Walters? you can also make knowledge queries:. “Who knows about the ticket sales?” The Teams will launch with 85 boats.

Microsoft Teams launches on Wednesday, November 2 with a total volume of shares at the beginning of 2017 it has 150 partners that support applications, including Asana, HootSuite and Zendesk.

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