Facebook Testing Snapchat Stories on WhatsApp Status

Facebook is trying again to go after Snapchat.

WhatsApp Status Story

The company develops ephemeral photo features for WhatsApp, a popular messaging app purchased a few years ago for more than $19 billion. Remember that Facebook, once tried to buy Snapchat, but the deal was rejected, and then the Facebook app launches copycat app called Slingshot, which didn’t get so successful. Oh, and Facebook tried to buy the Snow from the “Asian Snapchat” this summer.

And let’s not forget that Facebook owns Instagram and recently added feature called Story, which is a direct rip-off the most popular features Snapchat. So it’s not too surprising to learn that WhatsApp is testing the photo-story feature, called Status. Much like Snapchat stories status allows you to broadcast pictures and videos to followers through the internet history, which has unlimited playback for 24 hours.

It even allows you to add doodles and captions, according to Mashable. This feature is now live for beta testers on iOS and Android and looks like sit will sit in a section of the menu between Chats and Calls.

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