Facebook Reaches 1.79 Billion Monthly Active Mobile Users

There is good reason why the mobile business on Facebook more than ever.

Most Facebook users now access the social network exclusively on the mobile device, Facebook announced in its third quarter earnings.

Facebook Mobile

Of its 1.79 billion monthly active users, more than 1 billion “mobile only” users who only use Facebook on mobile devices. And, apparently, it looks like that number will only be greater.

Facebook again exceeded expectations, and the company shared some impressive statistics of its liabilities continue to rise. Social network recorded more than 1.18 billion daily active users (1.09 of which are mobile) and 1.79 billion monthly active users.

However, only mobile statistical data may be the most significant. This means that the company could become a “mobile first.” In addition, this strategy will not only bring a huge number of new users, this is what makes them more money than ever. Most of the revenue from advertising companies now comes from mobile ads, as well.

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