Google Start Rolling Out AMP Pages in India

Google started the implementation of its faster Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for mobile search results in India. Previously, only the news page will show format with AMP carousel appears at the top of mobile search results. Google now covers all the web pages and sites in India, and it will start to rolling out in these pages in the near future. Google says that the AMP page will not affect the search rankings for pages and web sites, instead of showing pages that are ready to load quickly.

Google AMP

Each AMP page will have a label that shows one page AMP’d, Google says. AMP page will have a small lightning symbol next to them with with AMP written. This shows that the page loads faster than others.

Google AMP Project is an open source code, which solves the problem of slow loading site on the Internet and just like Instant Articles on Facebook, they are designed to be load instantly.

Google claims, AMP pages also helps to save data and are used in the data 10 times less than the equivalent of not-AMP page. According to Google, the average time it takes to load AMP page from the Google Search in less than one second.

According to Google, Zomato page load was reduced from 3.8 seconds to well under a second, they used the AMP. In the world, publishers like The Washington Post notes increased by 23 per cent in mobile search users that are returned within 7 days, and 88 percent improvement in AMP loading content than traditional mobile web. Other major players who take AMP pages are eBay, WordPress, Pinterest and Reddit.

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