LinkedIn Allows You To Find New Job Without Your Boss Finding Out

Looking for a new job when you already have one can be difficult, but LinkedIn can now be able to do a little bit easier.

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The service is rolling out a new feature that allows you to tell recruiters you are interested in changing jobs without your current employer finding out.

When you opt a new feature called Open Candidate, recruiters can see that you are interested in the potential opportunities. At the same time, LinkedIn will do everything possible to block your information from recruiters at your company or its subsidiaries.

When you sign up you can select several features that what kind of job you would like, what city you want to work, and write a short message to potential recruiters.

Although LinkedIn is doing everything possible to hide information from recruiters or any associated with your company, Shapero noted that they can not guarantee that it won’t be seen.

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However, he says that the early function testing has been successful for all sides: the so-called “open applicants” are likely to connect with recruiters and recruiters are likely to contact them.

Open Candidate is available to all users of LinkedIn and can be turned on in a section of your account settings.

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