Google VR Headset Comes with Cheap Price $79 with High Profile Transmission

Monday’s leak showing that Google will release Daydream virtual reality headset proved accurate.

Google VR Headset Colors

At the company made By Google event on Tuesday, Google took the veil off its new VR headset on Daydream View, which is designed to work with its new Google Pixel line of smartphones.

The device comes in three colors, Snow, Slate and Crimson, and it’s all wrapped in a soft cloth, designed to make wearing a device more convenient.

A general view is similar to the reference design, released in May at the conference Google I/O, the phone comes with its own controller, which is designed to give you control of the interface objects in Daydream VR environment.

The controller gets its own small pouch for storage when not in use which is hidden in the visor of the handset itself.

Another leak which turned out to mark a unit price of only $79. At that price, this makes the Google VR headset is the cheapest option after high-profile transmission device VR of Samsung.

The headset and the controller will go on sale in November.

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