Google Now Shows Users University and School Information in Search Results

Google is constantly tweaking its search results on the site to include more information, usually located deep within the websites, and now its search engine will surface colleges and universities data starting today. Now, when a user searches for schools using Google, the results page will display information taken from the US Department of Education’s College Scorecard. This includes the high school graduation rate of its average total cost and financial aid, the average wage after a visit to the school and on the rate of the cost of reception and training of students the institution.

Google Mobile

Ultimately, these types of additions to the Google search bolster the company’s business core. Receiving more users to search queries on Google, the more revenue it earns. Thus, the company can do to improve the search results page to make it more useful will only support the advantage over application-based alternatives for mobile devices.

You can see this strategy play out more prominent role in 2016 elections in the United States, where dozens upon dozens of search terms currently generate uniquely formatted information about the positions of candidates on important issues, discussions, multiplied by the number of delegates and other data that last requires clicking on the links to find. It’s all part of Google’s plan for the company to maintain a web-date at the time when the mobile apps and social networks continue evacuating more user attention.

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