Google Launches New Central Company Blog ‘Keyword’

Google loves blogs. Not only because it bought ‘Blogger the blogging platform in 2003; the company also publishes the most companies related news on an ever-increasing number of blogs.


Now there is a new central place to follow all these things: Keyword. Located actually pretty cool web domain “,” keywords will aggregate the Google News in one place – from new Street View content to new emoji.

If this sounds very similar to the previous official Google blog (which one is in, which is now replaced by the Keyword. Google says that the Keyword “provide a central source of official news about who we are, what we do and what we value.”

Google Products

Keyword does have some interesting features. You can go to the “Product News” and click on the category to get the news only from that product, be it Android, Maps, Translate, and YouTube (among others). “Topics“, on the other hand will allow you to view Google news related to arts and culture, education, sports, travel, etc.

It is unclear what exactly Google blogs are summarized on Keyword – Google says that 19 blogs were included, but the full list of all the companies blogs is much longer.

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