‘Snap it’ Food Tracking App now Available on iOS and Android

Counting calories is going to get much easier. Application for tracking Lose It Power has introduced a new feature that allows users to count calories in their food upload photos.

Snap it App

App called “Snap it” is now available on iOS and Android version.

The weight loss tracking app had for many years, but requires users to manually enter, which they ate in its database to track calories and nutrition. Now users can speed up this process by taking photographs of their food within the app.

The company has developed a image recognition software which is able to guess what is on the photo and compare it to the elements in the application database. If it can not find a corresponding entry, you can manually enter it yourself.

It does not try to automate the log as a whole but it makes it a lot easier. After a certain point you still need to select the appropriate entry and configure it with the serving size and other information. For the most part, it is able to recognize the general food category only – such as sushi or candy – so you still need to choose a specific item to get an accurate record.

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