Tumblr Added Apple’s Live Photos on the Web

When Apple introduced the Live Photos last year it was a cool trick that lived only on Apple devices. Press down on a photo, and after a few seconds it automatically recorded as GIF images to play with sound. Although Live photos gradually become available for third-party applications such as Facebook, they have never been as universal as, say, GIFs. Now this format comes to the network of web for the first time – and all thanks to Tumblr.

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Microblogging site announced yesterday that it adds support for live photos on their web site. Every time you see that famous icon of Live Photo, press and hold to make them swing. More importantly, Tumblr has also published its server back-end code on the GitHub, which means that other web developers can create support for the live photos in their own sites as well. You can go through the post announcing Tumblr, and see how Live Photos appear on the Internet web. (It should be noted, some independent developers have made Live Photos on the web before, but it has never been easier or widespread.)

But will this move help the Live Photos spread beyond mobile devices? It seems unlikely. While this is certainly good on Tumblr to add support (the site is the first company that provides Live Photos on its iOS app), it is unclear whether the format is suitable for web or not.

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