Some iPhone 7 Owners has a Hissing Sound Problem

Is your iPhone 7 hissing? Some customers have reported that the iPhone 7 does that, when the phone pushed to the limits of its capacity. According to 512 pixels, this is what it sounds like.

iPhone 7

This, of course, a hissing sound. So what’s going on here?

Stephen Hackett at 512 pixels was the first to notice a strange sound coming from his phone, and others immediately confirm that they appear the same question, including Darrell Etherington from TechCrunch.

At the moment, there are several theories about why this happens, but no real answers.

Jon Fingas from Engadget says that “some of the suspect coil whine or similar electromagnetic effects.” He also points out that this is not a universal problem, as he “tested on iPhone 7 using 3DMark” ‘Ice Storm Extreme’ performance test, which puts the processor under serious pressure and heard no hissing at all.”

Author and developer Marco Arment of iOS has a poetic perception:

Apple will now replaces the phone so that it can be an option if you are concerned. Unfortunately, it will also mean that you have to wait 5-7 days for a replacement.

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