SoundCloud Go launches in Australia and New Zealand

On Thursday, SoundCloud Go launches in Australia and New Zealand, where they collide with market incumbents, such as Spotify and Apple Music.

For $11.99, or $12,99 NZ per month, users will have access to more than 135 million songs. Like its competitors, SoundCloud Go offers offline, without ads and listening with a free trial period.

SoundCloud Logo

SoundCloud is a free service, long loved by young musical artists and independent will now be supported by advertising and promoted profiles. The company is building a local sales team to manage sales of Australian ads.

Already up and running in the US, UK, Ireland and France, the new SoundCloud service subscription can be regarded as an attempt by the company to find some kind of business model to meet the high end of town without annoying fans.

Established in 2008, the platform has gained a reputation generated by the user and artist-friendly, and did little to make money from its user base than the minimum advertising. The “YouTube for Music” became the subject of legal action in recent years, however, thanks to the hosting a fair share of copyright music uploaded by users.

Shortly before the start of SoundCloud Go in the US in March, the company signed a major contract with Sony Music. The studio pulled the catalogs of artists like Adele and Miguel from the platforms in mid-2015 amid a background of a negotiations in the talks on ways to address the subscription.

Since anyone can upload their own music songs to the SoundCloud, it has an army of fans, who love music discovery it allows for free.

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