Now You Can Domino’s Pizza Through Facebook Messenger

Just in the case of using emoticons or an actual pizza is not enough, Domino’s Pizza has introduced a new way to order and enjoy fresh pie through Facebook Messenger.

Domino's Pizza

The company introduced the bot-platform for Facebook on Thursday that allows users to order pizza directly from the chat.

Previously, the chain launched a bot for Facebook Messenger in the UK under the name “Dom”, but the latest version for the first time the service will be available in the US

To use the new bot you have to go through the Facebook page or search Domino in Messenger. Now in a message, you can start a new order through the instructions or using smiley pizza.

It should be noted that, by analogy with other bots on Facebook Messenger, you can not really talk trough the entire order – will need to have an existing account. Once you have connected to your account, you can get access to the latest order and other preferences.

The bot is the latest addition to the chain of AnyWare suite of mobile ordering tools that allow you to order from smartwatches, through Twitter and Amazon Echo devices. Isn’t it a cool and nicer way to order things, food and stuff. Let us know your views in the below comments.

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