Facebook and Twitter Join First Draft Coalition to Tackle Fake News On Social Networks

Facebook and Twitter have joined a network of over 30 information technology companies to deal with false information and improve the quality of information on social media, the group said on Tuesday.

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First Draft Coalition, formed in June 2015 with the support of Alphabet Inc’s Google, said it would create a voluntary code of practice, promotion of news literacy among users of social media, and launched a platform where participants can verify questionable news stories.

The platform will be launched in late October, Jenny Sargent, managing director of the coalition, write in an e-mail.

Members of the group include the New York Times, Washington Post, Buzzfeed News, Agence France-Presse and CNN.

Facebook, the world’s largest social media network with over 1.7 billion active users every month, has been criticized for its role in the dissemination of false stories and misinformation.

Twitter, with over 140 million active users every day, plays a crucial role in breaking news and witness the spread of content.

In August, Facebook increased use of automation for selection of the most discussed topics of the day for its popular function “Trends”, as a way to reduce human bias.

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