Pokemon Go Plus wearable Will Be Release in Next Week of September

After numerous delays, the first wearable accessory for the wildly popular smartphone game Pokémon Go will go on sale September 16 accessory is simply slips onto your wrist and connects wirelessly via Bluetooth, your phone, so you can slip it into your pocket or bag, you can hunt secret Pokémon, while going out to your daily activities, or use it as the gaming equivalent of a hands-free device.

Pokemon Go Plus Logo

In Pokemon Go Plus will cost $35 when it starts shipping, but interest in the game continues to grow – the application has drawn remarkable 500 million times since its inception in July – there is sure to be many takers.

At the iPhone 7 event launch on Wednesday, Niantic team, the company behind the application shows how the game will soon be coming to Apple Watch and how this new version will help to convince the players to get more exercise and stay active.

“We are encouraged by the rapid adoption of the game and are pleased to see that so many people come and play every day. Pokemon Go for Apple Watch will be one more way in which people can participate in the game in their daily life more smoothly,” said John Hanke, general Director of Niantic, Inc.

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