Consumer Product Safety Commission Says Stop Using the Galaxy Note 7

US plans to formally reminded Galaxy Note 7 and is telling consumers, to prevent and stop charging the phone immediately.

Galaxy Note 7

This recommendation came after a US Consumer Product Safety Commission statement today, that the links to the various fires that are associated with the problems of the battery with a new phone from Samsung. “These incidents have occurred while charging and during normal operation, which led us to urge users to turn off their Note 7s”, says the Commission.

Samsung CPSC reiterated in a statement said: “We want consumers to prejudge its Galaxy Note 7s and exchange them now.”


Samsung began recalling phones worldwide last Friday. It was not an official recall, however, and there is a significant difference: once resembles through the Consumer Product Safety Commission, Note 7 will be illegal to sell. Last week, there was not a single case, in spite of the potential danger to buyers.

The Commission is currently working with Samsung to initiate the actual recall “as soon as possible.” At the same time, Samsung Galaxy prepares to ship out Galaxy Notes that won’t explode. via¬†TheVerge.

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