Plugless Now Charge Your Tesla Model S with Wireless Charging

Plugless, an after-market wireless charging company released a video on Thursday showing how easy it is to charge the Tesla without chords.

The company, which began to take deposits for its planned inductive charger designed specifically for the Tesla Model S in February, now has a final product that will be displayed.

Tesla Model S

Customers who pre-ordered the item will start to receive their chargers at $2,440 within a few weeks, as production ramps in this fall.

Rated to withstand temperatures from 0° to 122° Fahrenheit, Plugless charger is ideal for people who live in urban areas with extreme weather conditions – like the sun or the snow belt.

To charge a Tesla with Plugless, simply park your Model S over the charger and it will receives 7.2 kilowatts. This is about 20 miles per hour of charge range, according to the Plugless site.

In addition, the installation of Plugless does not change your ability to use a wired charger. This means that when you are not near Plugless charger, you can still gather electrons through a standard wired charging port.

Watch the Video:

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