Instagram May Soon Let’s You Save Your Posts as Draft

As any seasoned Instagram user knows, making a perfect post may take some time. There are settings to customize filters to choose – not to mention the fact that the caption can make or break the entire thing.


Now, it seems, Instagram may soon have a way to save the posts for later use. The app is currently testing a new design feature that allows you to save your progress in the middle of the post – editing and all – to finish later.

The test, which users have reported seeing at least a few days, you will be prompted to save the image that has been edited after you tap the back button in the middle of the post. Saved drafts will take place separately from your other images the next time you open the app to post a photo or video.

The test proved to be very popular with a number of Twitter users they have seen a change. It also has the distinction of being the new Instagram feature that is widely well received.

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