Google Chrome Will Disable Flash and Make HTML5 by Default

Google announced on its Chrome blog that it will begin taking actions in September to disable the flash by default.

Chrome 53 will block Flash and Chrome 55 in December will make HTML5 by default. For the only Flash-based Sites (which still exists), users will be prompted to install it.

The reasons cited are not unexpected. Google brought HTML5 as “easily and quickly” for loading Web sites and videos.

Google ChromeHTML5 is also more power-efficient tool which make more secure than Flash. Any laptop users who use Chrome know very good that what the battery hog is.

“We see improvement in efficiency and effectiveness in many places,” wrote Anthony LaForge, curator of Flash in Chrome.

Along with the Safari browser of Apple, block all Flash content in the upcoming MacOS Sierra and Google ending the Flash-ads in the next year.

In recent years, Flash has become a security liability. In April, the researchers found a security hole that could allow an attacker to inject ransomware (software that essentially blocks your data and computer and demands a ransom to unlock it) in Windows computers.

Adobe has released a security update to close the security hole, but the fact remains: The flash leaves users highly vulnerable.

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