Nick Johnson Becomes The ‘World’s First Pokemon Go Master’ Who Catch all the Creatures

Nick Johnson, who claims to be the first person to cover all the 145 creatures available in “Pokemon Go” mobile gaming app, he says he is not ready to put away his smartphone and hope for new featured in the app.

Nick Johnson Pokemon Go Master

28-year-old tech employee from Brooklyn, New York, who calls himself “the world’s first Pokemon Go Master’ on Twitter reported last week, which he has completed after travelling around the world with his smartphone to complete all the levels in this game.

“I will definitely continue to play. There are several legendary Pokémon which has not yet released, so I’m looking forward to when they do it,” Johnson said in an interview with Reuters in Tokyo on Monday.

In addition to all types of Pokemon, there are other exclusive areas. Johnson, who says his advice for other players to improve the social aspect of the game and create online and offline networks to find the rare creatures caught his last regional Pokemon in Sydney.

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