Netflix Release Mobile Speed Test Service for Android and iOS

After launching a website few months ago, Netflix release the speed testing app for iOS and Android applications. The apps look and work exactly the same as the website did.

Netflix Logo

As with the website, the app connects to the Netflix servers to do the speed test run and give a more realistic result of the speed. It also shows only download speed.

Netflix Mobile Speed Test Service

Others, including, offers similar speed tests. However, Netflix wants to simplify the process and, for example, includes information about the speed and ping response time, which actually does not matter for video viewing.

Netflix has for some time tracked average streaming performance for ISPs, which are based on the actual performance of its users.

In addition to the application launch, Netflix also posted a message on its blog a detailed about many technical aspects behind that how the company built, started, design goals, technical goals, architecture and maintains the service. Get the free app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

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