China Launches Gaofen-3 Satellite to Control Weather Forecasting in High-Quality

China launched a new high-resolution Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellite imaging in the northern province of Shanxi on Wednesday.

China Satellite Gaofen-3

The Gaofen-3 satellite was launched from the back of the Long March 4C rocket from the Taiyuan satellite, Xinhua News Agency quoted the centre as revealing. It was the 233rd flight mission of the Long March carrier rocket.

The first imaging satellite of SAR China, that is up to a distance of one meter, it spans the globe with all-weather, 24-hour monitoring and will be used for disaster prevention, weather forecasting, water resources assessment and protection of the maritime rights.

With 12 modes for observing satellite images with higher resolution are able to take extensive photographs of the Earth and photographing detailed scenarios for specific areas.

Gaofen-3 is also the first low-orbit remote sensing satellite of China, which has a lifespan of eight years. It is able to provide high-resolution remote sensing data to users for long periods of time.

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