Twitter Announced Conversation Ads, Instant Unlock Card for Advertisers

In an attempt to maintain brand conversations Twitter micro-blogging site announced on Tuesday that all global advertisers can now use the conversational ads and a new “Instant Unlock Card”, which encourages people to tweet to unlock exclusive content.


Conversational ads contains compelling images or videos that include a call to action buttons with customizable hashtags.

The “Instant Unlock Card” offers access to exclusive content, after sending a tweet.

The company also announced a Twitter Ads dashboard – an advanced analysis that shows engagement metrics and earned media generated by the campaign.

Global marketers can take advantage via Brand Hub’s Watchlist and find out more about how many people are tweeting the campaign hashtag, the overall impressions earned and the most influential tweets.

Twitter introduces conversational ads to advertisers to choose at the beginning of this year, in which brands can measure the success of their campaigns by tracking the number of people who speak and interact with the brand on social media.

Coca-Cola and Marvel among advertisers who used conversational ads on Twitter.

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