SwiftKey New Update Fixes the Security Vulnerability

Last month, SwiftKey has rolled out an update that disabled account syncing. It seems that there is an error in the previous update, which led to a number of eyebrow raising confusion. The most predictive keyboard are synchronized with inaccurate accounts, which means that some users have been prompted to the auto-complete suggestions from strangers’ typing habits. This led to some users revealing personal information such as email address or contact information.


Apparently, SwiftKey go to this problem quickly disable the account synchronized before any damage can be done. SwiftKey says that this particular problem has affected only a few users, but the problem is high enough that the team decided to close the account synchronization across the board, rather than risk a large commotion.

Now it seems that the developers are isolated the root of the problem and pulled it out. The last change came on the keyboard to synchronize the user’s profile, so that you can type away with a large predictive force on all of your logged in devices.

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