New MacBook Pro Might Comes with Touch ID Sensor

The MacBook Pro is due for a serious upgrade and Apple is expected to deliver this fall.

According to 9to5Mac, Apple reportedly to add Touch ID button to its MacBook Pro notebook.

New MacBook Pro

The report claims the Touch ID sensor will be built into the power button, which makes sense, but it also does not make any sense.

Placing the fingerprint sensor power button allows users to safely unlock your notebook with their fingerprints, but we’re not sure how it will work on mobile payments.

On iPhone and iPad, the Touch ID sensor is separated from the power button, so there is never confusion, and the Touch ID sensor does not turn off the device.

If the Touch ID sensor is embedded in the power button on the new MacBook Pro, as the computer will recognize that the authenticity of payment and does not try to turn it off? We believe that Apple has thought about it.

Perhaps, the Touch ID sensor will not work with mobile payments. The next version of the desktop operating system from Apple, MacOS Sierra allow web payments through Apple Pay and Touch ID authentication through iPhone.

The new MacBook Pro, is expected to be thinner, lighter and ditches many of its ports for USB Type-C, Reversible do it all the ports that can handle the power, data, and video output.

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