Prisma Turns Images into Art Now Turns Your Videos into Art with Aristo

You’ve probably already seen the magic of the Prisma, an app that turns your photos into artistic images intended to mimic artistic styles created by man. Now application called Aristo took that concept to next level which is videos.

Aristo App

The app allows you to take only 10 seconds of video and then recorded footage have access to a set of filters that convert video into something completely different.

From a simple style, as the Blue Dream for more sophisticated aesthetics like In The Fire (flame effect) and Neural Art (surrealist view), the application has already gained recognition and growing user base.

Released by the Russian Internet company, Artisto has apparently beaten Prisma to the video space in a few weeks after the Prisma promised video version of its popular still image app.

However, the product is buggy, and the consequences are not as smooth and detailed still as Prisma image does, Prisma can therefore still have a chance to win this round, if it launches a video version in the near future.

Artisto application is free and is available at both the iOS and Android.

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