HP Powerup Backpack 22400 mAh Battery Can Recharge Your Laptop

New Powerup Backpack launched by HP may look like a regular backpack, but this thing can recharge a full-size laptop to a massive 22,400mAh battery. With so much battery you can charge your phone even 10 times. Canvas bag features ventilated pockets and sensor monitors the heat sensor monitors and regulators to protect it from getting too hot.

HP Powerup Backpack

FAA regulations state that every battery is more than 100 watt-hours is prohibited in checked or carry-on baggage, but exceptions can be made “with airline approval.” HP Powerup Backpack rated at 84 watt-hour, so that should be no problem.

What’s Inside the¬†HP Powerup Backpack

HP Powerup Backpack in the Box

During the flight with the bag may not be a problem for everyone, it is definitely something to consider if you plan on dropping $200 for the backpack. The HP Powerup backpack will be available as of October 1, and is available for pre-order on Amazon now.

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