Instagram Unveiled a New Filter to Ban Certain Words in Post Comments

Instagram is now giving some of the users to ban certain words appear in the comments to their posts. Photo sharing social network app Instagram unveiled a new filter that users can manually customize by adding the words of their choice that they want to exclude to prevent spammers, promotions, harassment, abuse and annoying messages on comment section in their photos and videos posts.

Instagram new Logo 2016

The Washington Post first reported Instagram plans to add a filter last week, explaining that the option will soon be available to some high volume users. Model Chrissy Teigen, obviously, is one such person: Teigen posted a screenshot of the new features on Twitter, with her custom words list including “Trump”, “Colon” and “Cleanse”.

Instagram has faced criticism in recent days for copying Snapchat ‘story’ feature, but the addition of the custom word filter in the photo-sharing is leading the pack in the fight against harassment.

It is particularly surprising that Twitter has not taken this approach before. Twitter is huge and has a lot of publicized problems with user harassment, and even more than the Instagram. The user-defined filter seems an easy way to enable users to avoid direct threats, insults, and triggers, or even just kind of annoying spam convey noted that even the most occasional poster has to put up with.

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