Impress Your Loved Ones with 3D-printed Dinner Food

You will soon be able to impress your girlfriend in a new way. Here comes the 3D food printer, which can produce nutrients using a computer-guided software and real cooking edible pastes, gels, powders and liquid ingredients – all as a prototype, which looks like an elegant coffee machine.

Hod Lipson 3D Printing

The printer is the result of the project, developed by Hod Lipson – pioneering robotic which works in the field of artificial intelligence and digital production at Columbia University – and his students.

“Printers Food is not intended to replace conventional cooking, as they will not solve all of our food needs or prepare everything you need to eat,” said Lipson.

But they will produce an infinite variety of personalized products supply fresh food on demand, turning the digital recipes and basic components are supplied in frozen cartridges into healthy dishes that can complement our daily intake.

“I think this is the missing link that will benefit of personalised data-driven health to our kitchen table “3D printing” is a killer app said Lipson.

The printer is equipped with a manipulator that holds eight slots for frozen food cartridges. Students are currently working on an infrared heating element into the arm. Unlike conventional furnaces, 3D-printer will be able to prepare various ingredients at various temperatures and various lengths, all controlled by the new software.

3D food printing offers revolutionary new capabilities for convenience and settings, power management control of nutritional needs for energy saving and transport costs for the creation of more and more food, the authors say.

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