Facebook Testing Out Commercial Breaks on Live Streaming Videos

Live streaming feature on Facebook may soon start to look like a TV – commercial breaks and all.

Social network Facebook has confirmed on Tuesday that they are testing a new ad format, which sponsored videos can inserted into Facebook Live streams, in what are essentially 15-second commercial breaks.

facebook ads

Facebook has hinted at the possibility of such ads for a few months, publishers left wondering how social networking giant plans to make money from a massive push into the real-time video.

A spokesperson said, Facebook will not share any revenue generated from ads on participating publishers in these early stages. Currently, the company pays a group of publishers, including BuzzFeed and The New York Times for streaming video on a certain amount.

Facebook Live has gained notoriety in recent months for its role in the broadcasting widely graphic video of police killings, which sparked protests across the country.

It’s not exactly the type of fare most advertisers would want their brands stamped onto, but the service is also known as home to more lightweight phenomena like “Chewbacca mom” and infamous watermelon stunt by BuzzFeed.

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