Samsung To Bring Iris Scanner to 3rd Party App Developers

The cutting-edge iris scanner is easily one of the most interesting features of the recently announced Note 7, the flagship basically has the same components, as we have seen this year in Samsung S7 family. Some people may dismiss this as just a fancy way to unlock the phone, but to dive into the details is very promising for the biometric sensor.

Samsung Iris Scanner

Iris scanning opens a lot of doors in terms of security, while the phone is in use. Take for instance Samsung’s new Secure Folder feature. You can select which documents, media and applications require an additional level of access. Fast scanning is also available through ask for password entry. Even better we know the Samsung will soon open the system to third-party application developers.

Samsung claims that in the near future they will launch special API, within the Samsung Pass program, which will allow developers to tinker with biometric hardware to protect content in their applications. A nifty use case we have heard is the online banking applications that require scanning before login into your accounts. We believe that application developers are smart does not take long to come up with more unique ideas as a secret phone dialer and messaging applications, a secure way to access your favorite services and much more.

Are you excited about the new form of authentication or think, fingerprint scanner is enough? Let us know your views in the comments.

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