Largest SSD Drive Comes with 15TB Priced at $10k by Samsung

Even with today’s latest SSD drives, sometimes you just need a little more space.

SSD Drive

That’s when Samsung PM1633a SSD comes in with a clock frequency of massive 15.56 terabytes of storage. This power comes at a price, however, with pre-orders for the 15.56 terabytes priced about $10,000. The 15.56TB SSD is not only the largest the SSD, ever, but the biggest one hard drive ever, finally broke the 10TB barrier, which spins the disk drives seem to be covered at.

Drive’s small size and a huge amount of memory means that you will have the opportunity to place a standard 42U rack storage with 1,008 PM1633a for a cool 15TB (more than 15 petabytes) of storage, to offer to spare a copy of the known universe.

But while PM1633a is intended primarily for corporate clients for use in data centers and large server systems, there is no theory is nothing stopping you (aside from the price, anyway) from just buying one for your home computer.

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