Apple Bring New Sports Female Emojis for iOS 10

Apple announced the release of new emoticons for the iOS today, which show that women play more sport. New Appe emojis will be available on devices running the new operating system iOS 10 starting this fall, the company announced in a note on its website. Now, there are options for women’s weightlifting, basketball and surfing, as well as new emoticons related to the work of building women workers and private investigators.

Apple Emojis iOS 10

Efforts to redesign emoticons to better represent the smartphone, using underway for quite some time. Google first introduced a new set of 13 female smiles in the Unicode Consortium, the organization that oversees the inclusion of new emoticons in May. Unicode, of which Apple and Google are members took most of the proposed icons in the last month. Now, Apple’s, apparently, went ahead on their own and included variations of these revised icons and some new emoticons as well. Users will see new emoticions in their Apple version of iOS 10 soon.

A new set of emoticons, which includes more than 100 varieties of color options into account also includes a water gun icon instead of the old revolver rainbow flag, and two different versions of gender, depicting single-parent families.

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