Levitating Apple Watch Charger Turn Your Watch into Artwork

Whether you love or hate the Apple Watch, charging is often one of the first encounters of many users with the magic of wireless charging.

Levitating Apple Watch Charger

Now that magic has been taken to the next level with a new kind of Apple Watch charger that mixes wireless charging with magnetic levitation.

The Lift is a wireless charger designed for use with the Apple Watch and Pebble smartwatches, offering a cool way to replenish your wearable.

By using the magnetic levitation, a method that has become common for a new high-end Bluetooth Speaker Charger that keeps your Apple Watch hovering over the base charging while providing a charge to your device.

The same hovering charging can then be take with you to serve as a backup charging solution, when your battery of Apple Watch is running out of low.

Charger is available for $149 in the Kickstarter campaign, the company has already blown past its goal of $44,000, and will be priced at $199 when it is available outside of the campaign.

Watch Levitating Apple Watch Charger in action:

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