Watch How Apple iPhone 7 EarPods Works via Lightning port

Some rumors emerged about Apple doing away with the headphone jack on the iPhone 7. Now we have an idea that in fact it might look like this. Watch the below video where you can see Apple iPhone 7 earpods working via lightning port.

On Friday, the surface of the video showing how the Lightning port-enabled EarPods port can operate in this case by what appears to be an iPhone 6S.

YouTuber not go into details beyond indicating that EarPods actually works, so it is not clear whether the device is a third party or a legitimate part of the hardware of Apple’s previously leaked in the wild.

Apple iPhone 7 EarPods

In either case, proof of concept video that shows how easy the new EarPod might work, can help allay some fears of iPhone consumers who are not ready to let go of the classic headphone jack.

Soon we will know if this could be the leak is the real thing, as one would expect Apple’s, to announce the iPhone 7 in September.

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