Sony Selling its Battery Division to a Japanese Company Murata

Sony plans to sell its battery division to Murata, a Japanese company that produces a wide range of products such as wireless components and robots. Sony launches the battery business in 1975 and was the first company to commercialize the lithium-ion batteries in 1991. The electronics giant is selling the main business and assets in an effort to return to profitability – it recently unloaded its division of VAIO PC, New York and Tokyo headquarters, and Sony Online Entertainment games division.

Lithium-ion battery

Murata probably to buy the Sony Energy Devices Corporation subsidiaries and manufacturing facilities in China and Singapore, with the excluding of alkaline batteries and USB chargers. It intends to “positioned global battery businesses, as a core operation of the energy business.” The battery arm is a part of cost-effective division of Sony sensor, but a brake on revenues in 2015 amounted to $270 million.

Sony says that although it is aimed at improving the profitability of smartphones lithium-ion batteries, it added that “the competitive environment changes significantly.” In fact, the Samsung states that the current leader in the small lithium-ion batteries, and has been since 2010.

The agreement is non-binding on hold “due diligence and negotiate the detailed terms of transfer,” Sony said. Executives of both companies seek to agree by mid-October 2016, with the transfer complete by March 2017.

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