Amazon Dash Device Available for AmazonFresh UK Customers

AmazonFresh customers in London and the surrounding area will be able to use Amazon company’s Dash device to now scan and dictate their shopping orders around the house.

Amazon Dash Key Features

Costing £34,99, the Dash device, which is available in the US for several years enables users to scan a product barcode or say the product name to automatically add items to their shopping cart at

Amazon Dash is very popular in the United States, the device is a portable Dash stick about the same size as the package of Smarties. No screen or login is required every time and the dashboard connects to the Wi-Fi network in your home and recognize the millions of items available on AmazonFresh and Amazon. When you are done shopping, you can see a list on your desktop computer or mobile device, and then just checkout pay for the orders and schedule delivery.

In order to help promote the service, users can choose to skip paying the price of the device £34,99, if they place any two grocery orders until August 28, 2016.

The service will be available in 128 London postal codes, it is expected to expand around Britain in time.

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