The Google self-driving car will show signs and signals?

One day soon the doors of the Google self-driving car, cars to autonomous driving the search giant network, may show signs and signals useful for the other occupants of the road.

google self driving car

This is exactly what has emerged as a new patent awarded to Google in recent days by the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) and entitled “pedestrian Notifications”.
Already from the name of the patent it is possible to guess the nature of the type of technology that is described in the documentation. This is a system designed to communicate to pedestrians, but also for cyclists and other vehicles, when it’s time to cross and when we must stand still leaving the passage of the car. These are essentially high-tech alternative to gestures that motorists usually do with one hand to give priority to people moving on foot. The display can in fact show messages like “Safe to cross”, translated “Safe Crossing”, or the stop sign

The patent refers to the use of an optional speaker, for the reproduction of the same messages in sound shape, a help that this is useful to communicate with pedestrians with visual impairment.

A part of the text accompanying the patent also describes the use of a robotic arm and eyes for the gestural communication with people, thus simulating what happens with the drivers in the flesh.

It should be noted that along with the patent in question in recent days Google has received the award of another intellectual property relating to the autonomous driving, which will be used to automatically unlock the doors when a user approaches to climb.

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