Facebook challenge Periscope, now also supports live streaming

It was only a matter of time before the live streaming also arrived on the world’s most popular social platform.

facebook video

Live streaming for all, just as Periscope. Facebook began testing for the official rollout of a service of live streaming to their existing platform like Twitter, but the spread will take time. In fact, at present, only some users in the US who use iOS devices can take advantage of the new functionality.

This kind of service is not a first for the platform Zuckerberg: Facebook Mentions already allows live streaming, but only for those who have an account in “verified”, or those of famous people that helps them to differentiate themselves from fake profiles. Therefore, thanks to the new version of streaming, even ordinary people can shoot video and transmit live, viewing audience numbers, names of friends connected and comments live.

The start of the broadcast will be as simple as posting a photo or video: clicking the “update status” you can select the new icon to start the live streaming, adding the ability to include a brief description of the contents of the video and invite certain Friends vision. All invited users will be notified at the beginning of the live.

The news, however, do not stop there. Facebook has also introduced “Collage”, a function which, as the name suggests, allows you to create a mix of photos and videos into one file. The user can select, edit and assemble the content to your liking.

For now features are available only on the iPhone, for Android to wait until next year.

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