Apple Watch 2, Apple is looking for new partners

For the moment there are still some confirmations from Apple, but according to what emerged during the last hours seems that the Cupertino company is working on the second version of Apple Watch expected next autumn.


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In fact, according to the latest rumors, Apple would be looking for new partners for its smartwatch. Apple currently relies on Quanta Computer to produce Apple Watch but the company would be exploring the possibility of involving Inveente, Wistron and Foxconn, presumably to increase production and reduce the waiting time for the launch. All these companies also have collaborated in the past with Cupertino.
At the moment, we do not know whether these companies will join Quanta or replace, even if the first hypothesis seems the most likely. Recently, in fact, rumors from the Asian group would have confirmed that work on Apple Watch 2 have already begun, with a possible launch in Q3 of 2016, compared to the initial Q2 speculated a few weeks ago.

On the quality of the device, however, have not yet emerged substantial data. According to rumor far from confirmed, Apple Watch 2 is expected to remain similar to its predecessor in terms of size, but will perhaps include a more capacious battery, and made this quite remote, even a camera. The big news, however, could be fully independent from the iPhone to work properly.

Meanwhile, still waiting for the official data of sales of the models available today. Although Apple has not yet revealed any figures, analysts seem to agree on about 10 million units over the entire year 2015.

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