WhatsApp begins to block links to the services of the competition?

Suspicious behavior of WhatsApp does scream censorship against the competition. Is it really so?

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For several days if you try to send a link via WhatsApp tied Telegram, instant messaging service direct competitor of the property of Facebook, there is a high probability that the link will not be clickable. And not by choice of Telegram, obviously.

It is that WhatsApp, a little ‘surprise, seems to have started blocking silent update via official app for Android, the links related to Telegram, which now are not recognized as such. Users, in this way, they can click on links and leave the screen WhatsApp – will copy the text and paste it elsewhere, as with any type of text.

This was revealed by The Verge we thought, resumed today by DataMediaHub, which is seen by Telegram confirm the curious behavior, but not for all users. On iOS, I can confirm, after dozens of tests, everything works smoothly, the Telegram links are highlighted as always, as well as Facebook continues to make me go all the links related to The Pirate Bay.

The Verge, in fact, points out that this type of behavior is not new to Facebook, owner of WhatsApp, who already in 2010 had ended in controversy after locking the links to The Pirate Bay and recently, the lock is still active, for have inhibited the links to social networks Tsu.co and a series of posts that presented him or who spoke of the matter, a bit ‘more complex than it appeared at first.

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Neither Facebook nor WhatsApp, at the time, commented publicly the story and there is a good chance that they will never official communication or we’ll never know if it was a mistake or intentional behavior. Now that the controversy has mounted, everything will return to normal within a few days, or because the error has been corrected. WhatsApp realized that such behavior is of little use if you do not need to draw criticism.

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