Snapchat enters the Live News with the shooting in San Bernardino

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Snapchat, the instant messaging service widely used by young people, has opened a new feature at the last tragic event of crime news coming from the US, the shooting in San Bernardino, cost the lives of 14 people.

At times when the press around the world was concentrated in telling that tragedy, snapchat launched a live history dedicated to “Shooting in California”: while users sharing images and video coming from the site of the massacre, the team snapchat He not bothers to select that content and make it available to all other users, in this case without them disappear after a few seconds.

It is not the first time that the team snapchat deals to cover a particular event, but until a few days ago had happened only with scheduled events, never breaking news like the massacre in California.

The controversies are not missing among those who accused the service have democratized the news and who is criticized for having faced a traumatic event in a messaging service, but the reason for this choice was well explained by Mary Ritti, VP of Communications snapchat:

We published the story because we felt that the content, which comes from a local news in Los Angeles, deserved to be treated and could have a national value. Our hearts are with the victims and their families.

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