MacBook king of strength and customer satisfaction!

The MacBook is leading the index users; It lasts longer and gives more satisfaction than any other handset.

MacBook 12 inch


A recent survey by Consumer Reports conducted on a sample of 58,000 members between 2010 and 2015 consecrated the MacBook king of reliability and customer satisfaction.

Where notebooks from Acer, Lenovo, Samsung and other manufacturers have a rupture rate of 20% in the first three years of life from the moment of purchase, the Apple MacBook gets along much better with just 9% of requests assistance.

In the Windows world, laptops are the most robust NV (13% of failures) and LTE (14% of failures) of Gateway, followed by Samsung ATIV Book with the same failure rate. Are worse the Lenovo ThinkPad and Dell XPS with 15%, dominated by 20% of the line HP ENVY. Worst of them there is only Lenovo Y Series with 23% of failures.

“Apple, as well as last year, the notebook has the most reliable of the moment with a 10% failure rate within the first three years. Samsung and Gateway, however, the second to come away with 16%, and the rest of the industry-including Acer, Lenovo, Toshiba, HP, Dell and Asus to 18-19%. “


The machines used Windows for more than 20 hours a week -an average time for systems Windows- a breakage rate higher. Apple users testify use of 23 hours per week, 15% more. More hours of use and minor faults, how can you not love them?

On the other hand, a MacBook repair costs significantly more than the assistance of other brands; and this should be taken into account, maybe tucking on Apple Care when buying the handset.

Nevertheless, the MacBook tears a satisfaction rate maximum of 71%, against 38% of Windows users who say they are “completely satisfied with the reliability of the system.” You agree?

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