iPhone 6s, 3D Touch can measure the weight of small objects

scale iphone 6s


One of the most interesting and popular features introduced by Apple in some of its latest products is the technology Force Touch trackpad present in certain models of the MacBook and the display of Apple Watch as well as the latest versions of the iPhone.

This technology represents a good step forward in the development of interfaces more and more articulated and provides a significant amount of possibilities. In particular, the version used on the iPhone and iPhone 6s 6s Plus, called 3D Touch, differs from the previous one for greater responsiveness and sensitivity to the various pressure levels.

It is quite sensitive, according to the developer Simon Gladman, l as to be able to weigh some objects. The app do-it-yourself Plum-o-meter, was developed by Gladman for the express purpose of comparing the weight of two plums (hence the name). In this case the software does not record so the precise weight of the two elements but this is just one example that experiments with the possibilities proposed by the interface.

Apple has not yet officially released the API to take advantage of the 3D display Touch, so for now the app is only available on GitHub, but it is quite likely that when they decide to do so we will begin to see interesting things.

scale iphone6s

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