Apple: because the agreement with Sonos is so important


Streaming has changed the habits of many music lovers, this is beyond doubt. But much remains to be done so that the user experience can really be considered as satisfying, especially for home use.

He has noticed among others Apple, which after launching his personal online music service – Apple Music – is now trying to create the boundary conditions for a richer listening, qualitatively speaking. It is in this framework that fits the fresh agreement with Sonos: by December 15, we learn from the official statement, all owners of a multiroom house of Santa Barbara will see – and then listen – content from Apple Music Sonos directly in the app.

The agreement is beneficial to both companies: Sonos confirms its leadership position in the field of wireless speakers by adding a name to the long list of important web services integrated inside its mobile app (Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music Library, Google Play Music, Last.FM, Soundscloud, Rdio, Radionomy, SoundCloud, Napster and Tidal just to mention the main ones); Apple, for its part, can count on a valuable ally for the distribution of the service in the ecosystem home.

A few days ago the same Cupertino company had announced the release of a version of Apple Music for Android devices, a clear sign of a willingness to expand the horizons of the service. Apple Music will also be an excellent database of music tracks but must leave the confines of iOS, and more generally of the Apple world, to aspire to become the anti-Spotify for excellence.

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